Skolene gjenåpnes i januar

I Kenya har alle skolene vært beordret stengt siden mars. Nå vil det snart bli mulig å åpne skolene igjen, forutsatt at en del tiltak er på plass. Her kan du lese en hilsen fra Sammy Nawali, Lederen for Rain Edge International.

7th December 2020

I hope this finds you well, as you get to the climax of this year 2020. We all started January 2020 with huge dreams and passion until Covid -19 hit the world hard and it kind of put the whole world to the same level, not sparing the western or eastern countries, 1st, 2nd or 3rd world countries had to bear the Brand of it. What an equaliser! We all got to the realisation that the sun doesn’t shine every day, the storms will come, there are times when the night will be long and dark and you will be alone, times when the darkness seems to consume everything and it appears as if you are barely making any progress and that tough situation makes one want to stop. What I have eventually learnt in this past weeks, months or passing year, is that I can’t STOP.

As we go through this tough situation we have got to take the next step, keep moving forward. The situation is tough for all of us in a lot of different ways, but we need to keep moving forward. The only way to overcome the challenge that we are facing is to start waking up every day, get up take that step and start walking. Even in the darkest time, in the strongest storms and when the sun is blotted out, and the world appears to be falling apart, the darkness cannot extinguish your light and your determination, No matter how difficult it is as long as you keep fighting “you win, the only surrender is defeat, only quitting is the end”.

Let us not allow what is out of our control, to control us. Let us learn to stay calm and figure out how to move forward, soon it will be dawn, the storm will be over and we will be able to see the sunshine. Out here at Rain edge International centre/Sure24 Homes, we are getting ready, preparing for Christmas celebrations with our community; we are working on complying with all the government requirements for covid-19 both at the orphanage and the schools. We are working on the construction of the extra facilities; dormitories, observation room, extra classrooms at the high school to cater for social distancing as we are now sure of back to school for the entire remaining students on the 4th of January 2021 because those who were allowed back to school on 12th October 2020 were grade 4 the pioneers of the new curriculum, class 8 and form 4’s who are candidates, about to sit for their final exams in both primary and high school in March 2021.

We can’t thank you enough for staying with us over the years and even within these past few months when it appeared like there wasn’t hope but you came through for us and inspired us to keep moving. We are not yet there, but we are walking towards our destination, we still need a lot of financial support to help us beat the deadline and enable us to fully comply before the 4th of January 2021 from the Rain Edge International Centre, Sure24 homes and the schools;

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021.

With regards,

Sammy Nawali – Director R.E.I.C

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